In the results we put in what we get from the shows. We may miss something about other dogs, but not on purpose. We don´t keep titles in mind.  
-Please, don´t sue us...

2006-12-10 we were at a show in Stockholm, SWEDISH WINNER 2006. Jens showed "Fabian" Mad About X-Centric - BOB, cc, CACIB &SWEDISH WINNER 2006!!!Minna showed "Liza" Quest Wenonah - BB2 & Reserv Cacib!!!
Judge: Simon Parsons, England
BOB, cc, CACIB &SWEDISH WINNER 2006Mad About X-Centric
BD2 Bullkings Mountain Might
BD3 Buffalo Bull´s Emperor Franz
BD4 Bowler Hat's Trick Or Treat
BDR Shaka Savoy Black Thunder
BOS, CACIB & SWEDISH WINNER 2006 Buffalo Bull's Dancing Queen
BB2, Reserv Cacib Quest Wenonah
BB3, cc Ari Comer From North Bull Position
BB4 Heathen´s Gulle-Tuta
BBR Heavy Bull's White Bevy at Sagacious


2006-11-18 & 19 This weekend we visited the Jubilee Weekend in Holland. On saturday it was Championship Club Match Show, 175 entries, judges Mr. & Mrs. Alexander, Kennel Brigadoon.
On sunday it was the Countries Competiton, 10 countries enter, judges Mr. Lambert Kennel Caliber, Mr. McGregor Kennel Merlindan & Mr. Hylands Kennel Terjo´s
I really wanna thank Holland for the great show!!! So many entries on the Club Match Show on saturday, I think it was about 175 entries... It was fantastic to get the chance to see so many great dogs at the same time! I admire the work You all did. All was perfect, big rings, people could see, enough seats, nice hotel, good food, great bar... Yea, it was really great!

Big CONGRATULATIONS to the BEST IN SHOW winning bitch on saturday: Chacoriki Black Gold 
and also to the BEST OPPOSITE SEX dog on saturday: Ceasar

With all these great dogs we are very pleased with the placement with our girls we had with us, littersisters QUEST WIGWAM SHAWNEE & QUEST WENONAH, doughters to our "Dino" (Gimar Comanche of Kilacabar)

"Ida" QUEST WIGWAM SHAWNEE - first she won the Open Class!!!! 
and then she get RUNNER UP!!!! And get CC!!!!

Our "Liza" QUEST WENONAH was second in Championclass!!!! Thanks Darren Blakeley, Kennel Dazlin, for SUPER handling "Liza"!!!

On Sunday the Countries Competition was really good, many teams and very good dogs. Since we were competing with "Dino" dougters we went in for Norway. We also brought with us QUEST IMMENSEE

In the class Bitches older than 2 years "Ida" & "Liza" became RUNNER UP!!!!!!
Big CONGRATULATIONS to the winning team from Holland, and the Runner Up team from Belgium!!!

We have always been very warm welcomed in Norway so it was a pleasure competing for them, see what happens next year....   
The results below we copied from BelgianBull on the international bullterrier forum (hope it´s ok):


"Ida" & Jens


Chacoriki Black Gold & Ceasar

GRATTIS Fanny Falk & Flickor 15, AIK till segern i S:t Erikscupen!!!

2006-08-20 we were in a show in Hallstahammar, Sweden. Jens showed "Rosie" Mad About Whole Lotta Rosie - BOBpuppy!!! Minna showed "Wally" Mad About High Voltage - BOSpuppy!!! And "Fabian" Mad About X-Centric - BD2!! Judge: Patrik Cederlöf, Sweden

2006-08-20 we were in a show in Norrköping, Sweden. Minna showed "Barney" Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin - BOS & CACIB!!! Judge: Patrik Cederlöf, Sweden

2006-08-19 we were in a show in Nyköping, Sweden. Minna showed "Barney" Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin - BOS & CACIB!!! Judge: Elsbeth Clerc, Switzerland

"Barney" & Minna


2006-08-05 - 06 Swedish Open och Trophy Show!
Judges Mr Ron Scott, Kennel Doonhamers & Mrs Gaynor Richardson, Kennel Sparside.
On saturday it was time for puppies. All five from our litter was there!
Puppy dogs 4-6 months:
1 HP Mad About High Voltage "Wally" competed for best head, Best puppydog 2!!!
2 HP Mad About Heatseeker "Anton"  Best puppydog 3!!!
Tikvalpar 4-6 months:
1 HP Mad About Whole Lotta Rosie "Rosie" competed for best head and best movement, Best bitchpuppy R!!!!
3 HP Mad About Love Bomb "Diva" competed for best head and best movement!!!
R Mad About Kissin' Dynamite "Chilla"!! 
Big CONGRATULATIONS!!! And big THANKS to all puppybuyers! We are very proud and pleased that all puppies placed, and also that these babies placed so good competing against the older ones! But most of all we are happy for our puppybuyers who made such a fantastic job with their puppies! 

2006-07-23 we were in a show in Västerås, Sweden. Jens showed "Meja" (daughter to "Dino") Heathen´s Cattleya - BOS & cc!!! 
Judge: Tom Hehir, Irland

2006-07-01 we were in a show in Borås, Sweden. Minna showed "Liza" (daughter to "Dino") - Quest Wenonah - BOB, cc & CHAMPION!!!
Judge: Patrik Cederlöf, Sweden

2006-06-18 we were at a show in Drammen, Norway. Jens showed "Barney" SCh Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin - NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!!!
Judge: Culm Hastings, Irland.
BOB Everglades
BD2, CACIB & NORWEGIAN CHAMPION SCh Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin
BD3 Bullenoia's Crusader
BD4 Bullenoia's Constantine
BOS & CACIB Quest Ti Amo Tabaqui
BB2 Bodils Cirkus Europa

2006-06-17 we were at the Norwegian Open Show. Jens showed "Barney" Kiladagh Norhtern Cross at Dazlin - BEST DOG!!!
Jens also showed Quest Karelia (daughter to "Liza") - best bitch 4-6 m! 3 BB-puppy totally! In the class bithes 6-9 months Jens showed Heathen's Brassavola (daughter to "Dino") - BB 2 6-9 m! 2 BB-puppy totally! In the same class Minna showed Quest Isis (daughter to "Dino") - BB3 6-9 m & best head bitch puppies! In the class Dogs 15-24 m Jens showed Heathen's Augustin - he won the class & 2 best dog totally! In the class Bitches 15-24 m Jens showed Quest Alpina - she won the class & 4 best bitch totally! 
Judge: Mrs Elaine Clark, Kennel Fourheatons Grandopera, England. 100 entries!

2006-06-04 we were at a show in Södertälje, Sweden. Jens showed "Barney" Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin - cc & CHAMPION!!!Minna showed "Liza" Quest Wenonah - BOB & cc!!! 
Judge: Danny Gilmour, Kennel Dumbriton, England!


"Barney" & Jens , "Liza" & Minna

2006-06-03 Jens was at a show in Österbybruk (Sweden). "Barney" Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin - BOS & cc!!! 
Judge: Don Mahoney, Australia. Congratulations also to Bodils Granbull - BOB & cc! 

2006-05-27 we were on a terrier club show in Tånga Hed, Sweden. Judge: Mrs June Ottewell, Kennel Yungwood, England. 48 entries!
We want to CONGRATULATE "Dinos" (Gimar Comanche of Kilacabar) offspring who all placed in top in their classes:
Puppy class 6-9 m dogs: Quest Ispahan 1 HP, BOS-puppy 6-9 m
Puppy class 6-9 m bitches: Heathen's Brassavola 1 HP, BOB & BIS 3 puppy 6-9 m
Junior class bitches: Golden League Iron Maiden 1 ck
Mad About Attraction 2 HP
Mad About Leave Your Hat On 3 HP
Mad About Contradiction 4 HP
Open class bitches: Quest Wenonah 1 ck, 2 BB & cc!!
We are very proud and wish all good luck in the future!!!
We had a really nice day and showed many dogs. Minna showed Quest Ispahan who won his class and BOS puppy 6-9 m. In the class 6-9 m puppy bitches Jens showed Heathen's Brassavola who also won her class, BOB & BIS 3 puppy 6-9 m!
I Junior class dogs Minna showed Bowler Hat's Playmobil who won his class, BD 4 & BIS 2 junior! In the same class Jens showed Bowler Hat's Play Doo 2 HP. 
I Intermediate class dogs Jens showed Heathen's Augustin who won his class, BOB, cc & BIS 3!!
I Open class dogs Jens showed Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin who won his class and BD R.
I Junior class bitches Jens showed Mad About Attraction 2 HP, in the same class Minna showed Mad About Contradiction 4 HP. 
I Open class bitches Jens showed our "Liza" Quest Wenonah who won her class, BB 2 & cc!!!
We are very satisfied!!!

2006-05-20 we were at the show in Edinburgh, The Scottish Kennel Club. Judge: Ron Scott, bullterrier 49 entries. Totally 8004 dogs entries!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! To Darren, Lindsay & "Marshall"
Res DOG CC Bullbrit Little Big Horn at Bullyview
BOS, BITCH CC Terjo´s Jolee at Javarke
Res BITCH CC Crossgarley Calcharrel
BEST PUPPY Istdonbull Kool Loving at Llanwenarth
We, Jens & Minna, and Anki Granfors took a trip to Scotland to look at dogs. BIG THANKS to Darren Blakeley, Chris Kilpatrick & Tyrone Probert for taking so good care of us and making our weekend wonderful!


Dazlin Defiance "Marshall" & Darren

2006-05-06 Jens was at a show in Skara (Sweden). He showed "Barney" Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin, BOS & cc!!! He also showed "Doris" Mad About Attraction, BB2!! 
Judge Makaritis Stelios, Greece. 
Congratulations also to:
BOB, cc Falkos Mother of Pearl
BB2 Mad About Attraction
BB3 Bullrups Knubbiga Knallhatt
BOS, cc Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin
BD2 Panzarkrafts Apple Jack

2006-04-22 CONGRATULATIONS to "Doris" cc!!! Jens showed "Doris" Mad About Attraction in Västerås (Sweden) and she got her first cc!
Judge: Mr Barrie Jones, UK
BOB Bodils Cirkus Europa
BB2, cc Mad About Attraction 

2006-03-25 Jens was at a show in Sollentuna (Sweden). He showed "Barney" BOB!!! "Atle" (son to "Dino") best dog 2! And "Asta" best bitch 2!
Judge: Patrik Cederlöf.
BOB "Barney" Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin
BD2 "Atle" BelCharite Little Pepito
BOS Novocastrian Northern Soul
BB2 "Asta" Mad About Contradiction



KENNEL MAD ABOUT got second litter!
2006-03-24 two dogs & three bitches were born after:
Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin - Eboneye Evette of Eiramsel


1 YEAR!!!
Thanks for a fantastic year!
Looking forward for another year with you!


The weekend 18-19/2 2006 we visited the Open & Trophy Show in England! A FANTASTIC weekend with WONDERFUL dogs, old & new friends, mingle in the bar & lots of dogchat!!! A trip we really want to recommend! 
Ch. Dazlin Defiance
(for the Runner Up to the Regent Trophy Winner)
Ch. Nosrettap Celtic Star at Kilacabar
(for the Best Opposite Sex to the Regent Trophy Winner)
Ch. Finbar the Femme of Blighty
Winner: Ch. Dazlin Defiance
Runner Up: Ch. Bullbrit Little Big Horn at Bullyview
Winner: Ch. Finbar the Femme of Blighty
Runner Up: Icacia Tallulah of Merlindan
(coloured dog)
Winner: Ch. Bilston Black Jack of Emred
Best Opposite Sex: Icacia Girly Girl
BEST IN SHOW: Tulsadoom Isakabuli
Best coloured dog: Ch. Dajan King of thr Road
Best coloured bitch: Dajast Bedazzled at Lydsyll
BEST PUPPY: Istonbull Kool Loving at Llanwenarth


"Marshall", Darren & Lindsay , Tulsadoom Isakabuli 12 months 




Males Baby Class.
1: Captain Chaos Off Oxion.
2: Oky Doky Black Pearl.
3: Emil von Amadis.
4: White Vodoo Boy Off Oxion.

Bitches Baby Class.
1: Nebari Flicka Heldiggris.
2: Oky Doky bright Lights after Dark.
3: Nebari Another Best Friend.
4: Rocksolids Sweet Summer Dream

Males Puppy Class.
1: Glamourous Foxtrod. 
2: Urukonda Osborne.
3: All I Ever Wanted of Bullys Castle
4: Believe In Me Of Bullys Castle.

Bitches Puppy Class.
1: Bigshot Leading Lady.
2: Nominoes Boudig Ar Breizh Of Pollyssa.
3: Let Love Rule Of Bullys Castle.
4: Butterfly Bullys Castle.

Males Youth Class.
1: Caesar
2: Trick Or Treat Armageddon
3: Terjo`s Lord of The Ring.
4: Urukonda Black Blizzard

Bitches Youth Class. 
1: Glamourous Fireandice.
2: Oxion Of Unknown Fantasies.
3: Seventh Heaven The Joker.
4: Barrseas For Me Formidable.

Males Young Dog Class.
1: Avojul astronomer Royal Kusa Bujo. 
2: Kohinoor Of Unknown Fantasies
3: Lancelot Of Shining Star Bam-Bam.
4: King Arthur Of shining star Bam-Bam.

Bitches Young Dog Class. 
1: Rhydaman Dream Catcher.
2: Ultimate joy`s Silk Squaw.
3: Trick Or Treat Atomic Love.
4: Thud and Cuddles Anouchka. 

Males Open Class.
1: Flashpoint inferno Pajar.
2: Ex Se Natus Soprano Jedi.
3: Private Investigation Off Daikini.
4: Chakoriki No More no Less.

Bitches Open Class.
1: Quest Wigwan Shawnee
2: Oky Doky Amazing Thunder Eyes.
3: White Willow Of Daikini. 
4: Dolcediva At Stormbandits.

Males Champion Class.
1: Breslaus Rodrigo Velez.
2: Kiladagh Northern Cross At Dazlin.
3: Buffalo Bull`s Emperor Franz.
4: Pollyssa`s Uther Pendragon Of Nominoe.

Bitches Champion Class.
1: Chakoriki Black Gold.
2: Quest Wenonah.
3: Ultimate Joy`s Sweet Symphony.
4: Trick Or Treat Take It Easy. 

Males Veteran Class
1: Nightdrifter Of Daikini.

Bitches Veteran class. 
1: Grisse Basse Baffling Sleep.
2: Breslaus Oriental Princess. 
3: Cellovian Love Of Pretty Pinks.

Best Puppy: Nebari Flicka Heldiggris 
Best Male: Caesar 
Best Bitch: Chacoriki Black Gold.

Winner of the Champion Club Match: CHACORIKI BLACK GOLD.


Country Competiton Winner: HOLLAND

Runner Up: BELGIUM

BOB, cc & BIS 3 Heathen's Augustin
BD 2 Knucklehead Netscape Navigator
BD 3 Everglades
BD 4 Bowler Hat's Playmobil
BD R Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin


BOS Buffalo Bull's Brown Sugar Babe
BB 2, cc Quest Wenonah
BB 3 Heavy Bull's White Bevy at Sagacious
BB 4 Buffalo Bull's Dancing Queen
BB R Bullrups Kapriciösa Kvasthilda


BIS Progeny group: Bowler Hat's Trick or Treat


BIS Quest Sweet Active Lass
BB2 Bullenoia's Bazooka
BB3 Bodils Terrorista från Tellus
BB4 Quest Alpina
BBR Falkos She is My Soft Colored Girl

BOS Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin
BD2 Heathen's Augustin
BD3 Bullenoia's Crusader
BD4 Monté Porco Champs Elysees
BDR Everglades

Best head dog: Bullenoia's Crusader
Best head bitch: Quest Sweet Active Lass
Best movement: Quest Yrsa


BIS Active Lads Crocodile Girl
BB2 Heathen's Brassavola
BB3 Quest Karelia

BOS Quest Lafayette
BD2 Active Lads Crocodile Boy
BD3 Apollo

Best head bitch puppy: Quest Isis
Best head dog puppy: Active Lads Crocodile Boy
Best breeders group
1HP Quest
2HP Buffalo Bull's
3HP Monté Porco


BOB, cc & CHAMPION Quest Wenonah
BB2  Bullrups Luriga Listkrokodil
BB3 Bullrups Knubbiga Knallhatt 
BB4 Garstang Black Magic Woman
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BOS, cc Warmasters Pawnee Warrior (son till/son of "Dino")
BD2 Bullrups Lysande Leopardödla
BD3 Topline Thank You for the Music

BOB, cc, cacib Buffalo Bull´s Desperado

BOS, cc Heathen´s Cattleya

BB2, cacib  Bullrups Lymmelaktiga Lökgroda

Best head dog Bowler Hat's Trick or Treat
Best movement dog hane Essential Ella's Anything Goes
Best head bitch Warmasters Champagne
Best movement bitch Bullrups Lymmelaktiga Lökgroda
Winner progeny class dog: Knucklehead Netscape Navigator
Winner progeny class bitch: Eboneye Evette of Eiramsel competing with:
Mad About X-Centric "Fabian"
Mad About Contradiction "Asta"
Mad About Attraction "Doris"
Mad About Leave Your Hat On "Vega"
Best breeders class: Kennel Heathens
BEST HANDLER: Jens Andersson, showing "Nosse" Bodils Prins Hatt Under Jorden, 9 years!!! To Best dog reserve!!!! Congratulations owner Meggie!
Also here we want to THANK all puppubuyers!!! We are so proud and happy how well You care for Your bullies! We are also very proud of our fantastic brood bitch "Tia"! Thanks Carina!

BIS Emred Jack Daniels
BD2 Bullkings Mountain Might
BD3 Tarzeys Willow Fly Sedge 
BD4 Buffalo Bull's Emperor Franz
BDR Bodils Prins Hatt Under Jorden

BOS Warmasters Champagne
BB2 Eva Marias Savoy
BB3 Heavy Bulls White Bevy at Sagacious
BB4 Quest Immense
BBR Novocastrian Punch Drunk Love

Best head & Best movement dog Bodils Demonic Poison Frog
Best head & Best movement bitch Buffalo Bull's Gothic Gargoyle
On saturday evening it was Trophy Show!
TROPHY WINNER Bullkings Mountain Might
RUNNER UP Bowler Hat's Fiamma Ferragamo
On sunday it was time for the adult dogs. 
We want to CONGRATULATE offspring to "Dino" who placed in their classes!
Bitches 9-15 months:
1 HP Quest Immense, Best bitch 4!!!
2 HP Heathens Brassavola
3 Heathens Cattleja
Bitches 15-24 months:
3 HP Mad About Attraction "Doris"
4 Mad About Contradiction "Asta"
R Mad About Leave Your Hat On "Vega"
Emred Jack Daniels

BIS-puppy Buffalo Bull's Gothic Gargoyle
2BB Buffalo Bull's Germanmade Greta
3BB Buffalo Bull's Glowing Ghost
4BB Warmasters Brigitte Bardot
RBB Mad About Whole Lotta Rosie

BOS-puppy Buffalo Bull's Green Giant
2BD Mad About High Voltage
3BD Mad About Heatseeker
4BD Buffalo Bull's Gandalf the Great
RBD Bodils Demonic Poison Frog

BOB, cc, cacib, champion Piraya  

 BOS, CACIB Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin

BD2, cc  Buffalo Bull's Desperado

BD3 Panzarkrafts Apple Jack

BOB, cc, cacib Garstang Black Magic Woman

BB2 Bullenoias Barracuda at Falkos 

BOS, CACIB Kiladagh Northern Cross at Dazlin

 BD2, cc  Buffalo Bull's Freeway Rebel BB3 Piraya

Puppy 4-6 months:
BOB Falkos Sun Beam
BOS Bodils Charmander

Puppy 6-9 months:
BOB Mad About Whole Lotta Rosie
BOS Mad About High Voltage

BOB Heavy Bull´s White Bevy at Sagacious
BB2, cc  Buffalo Bull´s Germanmade Greta
BB3 Heathen´s Gulle-Tuta
BB4 Ari Comer From North Bull Position
BBR Bodils Professor McGonagall

BOS, cc Formula Bugsy Malone
BD2 Mad About X-Centric
BD3 Buffalo Bull´s Desperado
BD4 Bodils Demonic Poison Frog
BDR Buffalo Bull´s Freeway Rebel