KENNEL MAD ABOUT is Minna, Jens, Jennie and our bullterriers. We live in Eskilstuna, Sweden. We got our first bullterrier 1992, Sagacious Secret Ambassador, ”Sigge”. ”Sigge” had no qualifications in the show rings, but many other important qualifications. 
He was a wonderful friend and stubborn as a rock! Absolutely irresistible! He stood with his feet on the ground and loved everyone and everything in his way. After ”Sigge” there was no alternative to bullterrier.


Later we have the great joy to have  Bullkings Mad About You,”Stefan”, and Bullkings Miracle Design, ”Alice”. They had more qualifications in the show rings and with them we have practised our big hobby; dog shows. ”Stefan” och ”Alice” has taken us around Europe and we have met lots of bullterriers and new friends. Both ”Stefan” och ”Alice” were also great familymembers and the bullterrier really is the breed for us. 
The summer 2004 we are in a terrible accident and loose our loved ”Alice” in a fire, see Alice in memorian. 


"Stefan" & Minna

The family has grown bigger, we imported the dog Gimar Comanche of Kilacabar, ”Dino”, and his daughter Quest Wenonah, ”Liza”. We are interested and feel commitment for the breed and feel that we want to do more, we want to become breeders! Thats when KENNEL MAD ABOUT became reality and we also imported the bitch Eboneye Evette of Eiramsel, ”Tia”.
KENNEL MAD ABOUT litters can be seen on Litters.


Minna, Jens & "Liza", 5 months old and Jennie & "Dino" 4 months old

The bullterrier is to be healthy and enjoy life, because the bullterrier LOVES LIFE! We want to find homes to our puppies where You enjoy life together with Your bullterrier.


Minna Vaattovaara & Jens Andersson
Grönfinkvägen 89
632 33 Eskilstuna
+46 (0)73 50 92 500